July 15, 2024


For the moment you can order our publications by writing an e-mail to the address comenzi@utilitas.ro.

After we receive the order, our colleagues will contact you, to agree on the payment and shipping conditions. After your order is shipped, you will receive a confirmation message in which you will find a list of the publications we sent and the delivery date.

The price of the publications mentioned in the description includes VAT, but not the shipping costs. Shipping costs are to be paid by the beneficiary. These may vary according to the weight and destination of the order.

The price of the publications can be payed either by bank transfer or cash when the package is delivered, based on a preliminary agreement.

You may order the publications to be sent by mail or by expressage, as well as handed personally at Utilitas publishing house (Romania, Cluj-Napoca, 14 Breaza St.). Please indicate when sending your order which way you prefer. In case you choose to receive the package by mail, the shipping costs have to be paid together with the price of the publications. Our colleagues will send you an e-mail with the exact sum of the shipping costs. In case you prefer expressage, you will have to pay the shipping costs to the courier when the package is delivered. In this case we will send you the exact amount of the shipping costs in the confirmation e-mail.

For further information or suggestions regarding to our services please send an e-mail to the address comenzi@utilitas.ro.