March 25, 2023

Uileacu Şimleului. Calvinist Church

Author(s)/Editor(s): ZSIGMOND Tamás

Year published: 1996

Page count: 16

Size: 12 x 19 cm

Languages: Hungarian

ISBN 973-97610-0-1

Publisher: UTILITAS

Sponsors: Királyhágómellék Reformed Church District – Uileacu Şimleului Parish

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Uileacu Şimleului. Calvinist Church

The Series Historic Buildings in Transylvania, launched in 1993, presents the most precious examples of Transylvanian built heritage connected to the Hungarian culture, with the purpose of drawing the general public's attention on values, heritage and our responsibilities towards these. The publications of this series are recommended especially to those who at present own or use such values, but also to those who are interested in history, architecture and the Transylvanian art.

Number 12 of the Series Historic Buildings in Transylvania presents the church in Uileacu Şimleului, which dates from the age of the Arpadian dynasty. The building circumstances of the brick hall church with a western tower, a nave and originally ending in an apse are unknown. The stairs leading to the upper floor, which are hid in the wall of the Romanesque church, present a rare architectural solution, its closest analogies being in Austria. Due to a fire, started during repair works in 1751, the church suffered considerable damage, its wooden furnishing (coffered ceiling, gallery, pulpit and soundboard) was made only after this date. The church's choir, which proved to be too small, was extended in 1844-1846, through which the building lost its unitary aspect.