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Transsylvania Nostra Journal 3/2014

Year published: 2014

Page count: 60

Size: A4 (29,7 x 21 cm)

Languages: Romanian, Hungarian, English

ISSN No. 1842-5631, ISSN No. 2344-5084 ISSN-L No. 1842-5631

Publisher: UTILITAS

Sponsors: Order of Architects in Romania and the National Cultural Fund of Hungary

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Transsylvania Nostra Journal 3/2014

In the third issue from 2014 of the Transsylvania Nostra Journal, one may read articles from different speciality domains, such as: the Wass-Bánffy Castle Park in Gilău, architectural surfaces treatment, the inventory and protection of industrial heritage, the evolution of the number of historic buildings in the List of Historic Buildings and building archeology. Beside these articles, the journal contains a study about the Management of the Royal Castle from Gödöllő.