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Săcueni. Calvinist Church

Author(s)/Editor(s): GAVRUCZA Emese, EMŐDI Tamás

Year published: 1996

Page count: 12

Size: 12 x 19 cm

Languages: Hungarian

ISBN 973-97772-1-x

Publisher: UTILITAS

Sponsors: Királyhágómellék Reformed Church District – Săcueni Parish

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Săcueni. Calvinist Church

The Series Historic Buildings in Transylvania, launched in 1993, presents the most precious examples of Transylvanian built heritage connected to the Hungarian culture, with the purpose of drawing the general public's attention on values, heritage and our responsibilities towards these. The publications of this series are recommended especially to those who at present own or use such values, but also to those who are interested in history, architecture and the Transylvanian art.

Number 22 of the Series Historic Buildings in Transylvania presents the Calvinist Church of Săcueni, a Szekler settlement dating from the 10th-11th centuries. In 1402, Sigismund of Luxembourg donated the village to the Zólyomi family of Albiş; it was in their possession that it developed into a market town. In 1460, a castle was also built in the settlement. During the 15th century, the Romanesque hall church was modified by extending the nave towards west, respectively by adding a polygonal choir to it. The church went through a large-scale transformation in the 18th and 19th centuries, receiving a church interior decorated in Empire style.