November 30, 2021

Bonţida. The Bánffy Castle

Author(s)/Editor(s): KOVÁCS András

Year published: 1995

Page count: 20

Size: 12 x 19 cm

Languages: Hungarian

ISBN 973-96728-5-x

Publisher: CASTRUM

Sponsors: UTILITAS Ltd.

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Bonţida. The Bánffy Castle

The Series Historic Buildings in Transylvania, launched in 1993, presents the most precious examples of Transylvanian built heritage connected to the Hungarian culture, with the purpose of drawing the general public's attention on values, heritage and our responsibilities towards these. The publications of this series are recommended especially to those who at present own or use such values, but also to those who are interested in history, architecture and the Transylvanian art.

Number 10 of the Series Historic Buildings in Transylvania presents the Bánffy Castle from Bonţida. The settlement was donated by Sigismund of Luxembourg to the Bánffy de Losonc family in 1387. The family's mediaeval curia was surrounded by Dénes Bánffy in the 17th century with a Renaissance curtain wall, and its enlargement was continued by his son, György. The building of the Baroque court of honour, decorated with 30 statues, was ordered by Dénes Bánffy in 1747. The Classicist reconstruction, and later the Romantic one of the architectural ensemble is due to József Bánffy, who by dismantling the gate tower unified the two inner courtyards. The Neo-Gothic elevation towards the English park was finished in 1856. The last owner of the castle was Miklós Bánffy, a politician, writer and sketcher. In 1944 the castle was burnt down by the German army, but the real destruction of the group of buildings began after they were confiscated by the state.